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I am unsure about asking for help?

We can only help you if you contact us or somebody contacts on your behalf. Asking us for assistance will cost you nothing apart from a little time and we may be able to help and resolve your crisis.

You probably have a number of questions and we have endeavoured to answer some for you below.

Decisions on whether to give grants or loans are made by a quorum of Trustees, advised by the administrator who receives referrals and obtains sufficient details to advise the decision makers.

The Board usually meets quarterly; the Emergency Committee meets four weekly but can also make decisions within 48 hours for critical cases.

Repayment terms, i.e. timescales and the monthly amount, are agreed for each individual recipient depending on their circumstances. Loans are currently interest free. If you are given a grant this means that you will not be required to repay the money.

If you retire before you have finished paying your loan, repayments will be made through your pension. If you leave the force for any other reason, we will renegotiate the repayment plan with you.
Over the last few years it has varied between £70,000 and £100,000 in combination of interest free loans and grants.
The Trustees currently are Andy Marsh, the Chief Constable, Caroline Peters and Paul Mogg from the A&S Supts. Assoc, Alan Bell from the A&S Pol Fed, Robin Hobbs from Bristol NARPO, Ken Jones and Brian Brice from A&S NARPO, Keith Hawkins and Tracey Clegg from HQ along with Wendy Thompson from Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services.
Yes, all the information supplied is held securely and in confidence for the consideration of the application only.
All payments are made by cheque and are usually made to third party suppliers when given for alterations or repairs.
Usually the Trustees consider "dependents" to be those who are in receipt of police widow or children’s pensions, but applications from others may be considered on the merits or the circumstances of the application e.g. parents of an officer who died in service.
Applicants can reapply for support at any time but the subsequent application should demonstrate a greater need for support or a change in circumstances.